The Idea

STEP 1 – Booksellers enroll in Shop Local for 2019.

STEP 2 – Booksellers stock up on AdventureKEEN titles.

STEP 3 – Booksellers endeavor to make monthly inventory checks with reorders when needed and earn usual profits. Our handy regional catalogs and state bestseller sheets help you find the best local books.

STEP 4 – Set up in-store displays to boost sales and inventory turn. (optional)

STEP 5 – AdventureKEEN will make a donation to Binc and issue individual store rebate checks, based on the store’s 2019 enrollment date, no later than March 1, 2020, after all store purchase records are tallied.

Shop Local Live Local All Year Long


Signing up is required for SHOP LOCAL LIVE LOCAL, and it only takes a minute!


  • See what others are saying about us. . .

    “I value our relationship with AdventureKEEN, and I appreciate the perennial bestsellers they publish, like 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Portland and the Birds of Oregon Field Guide, so it was wonderful news to hear that AdventureKEEN is supporting Binc and reinforcing their strong connection to independent bookstores.”

    Miriam Sontz
    Powell’s Books
  • See what others are saying about us. . .

    “What’s better than getting outside in summer? Finding a new trail or cycling route in one of the outstanding AdventureKEEN books! What’s better than that? Helping AdventureKEEN support the Binc Foundation, and all the great work they do for booksellers in need!”

    Matthew Gildea
    Book Team Business Director; member Binc board of directors
    Joseph-Beth Booksellers
  • See what others are saying about us. . .

    “AdventureKEEN is showing its support of booksellers everywhere, and we should show our support of them in their commitment to Binc. It’s not a heavy lift, as they publish some of the best books found on regional outdoor travel, nature guides and living mindfully. They publish something for all of us.”

    Mitchell Kaplan
    Owner; past president ABA
    Books & Books, Miami, FL (multiple locations)
  • See what others are saying about us. . .

    “We have great success with AdventureKEEN books because of their quality and diverse range of topics. We all need more time outdoors and AdventureKEEN can help! And, of course, Binc is the best!”

    Chris Morrow
    co-owner; member ABA board of directors
    Northshire Bookstore, Manchester Center, VT, & Saratoga Springs, NY
  • See what others are saying about us. . .

    “Regional books have always been very important to Village Books and AdventureKEEN really knows how to do regional books, particularly those that get folks out into the great outdoors. I’m so pleased that the company has committed to support Binc—one more example of what great folks they are.”

    Chuck Robinson
    founder; past president ABA
    Village Books, Bellingham, WA
  • See what others are saying about us. . .

    “Asheville readers love AdventureKEEN’s focus on outdoor adventuring. That this publishing company supports Binc, a foundation that has helped Malaprop’s booksellers in crisis, makes us love them even more.”

    Linda-Marie Barrett
    General Manager
    Malaprop’s Books & Cafe, Asheville, NC
  • See what others are saying about us. . .

    “Colorado is all about the outdoors, and AdventureKEEN books are the perfect companions for active-minded Denverites. We are proud to carry these books on our shelves, and even more proud that the publisher is supporting Binc, an important charity that helps booksellers in need. Thank you AdventureKEEN!”

    Len Vlahos
    co-owner; past COO of ABA
    Tattered Cover Bookstore, Denver, CO
  • See what others are saying about us. . .

    “It’s all good when a publisher supports Binc and AdventureKEEN is certainly doing that with their Shop Local, Live Local program. Independent bookstores sell books and support Binc! Win win!”

    Nan Sorenson
    Administrative Coordinator
  • See what others are saying about us. . .

    “Local and regional books and authors are the very lifeblood of independent bookstores like Joseph-Beth. AdventureKEEN not only publishes books by authors that are experts in their regions and areas of expertise, they have always worked to have great relationship with indies like us. I am thrilled that AdventureKEEN has committed to support Binc, and through Binc, independent booksellers across the country. Thank you.”

    Michael Link
    Publisher’s Liaison
    Joseph-Beth Booksellers

Get the Files!

Click the button above to download a .zip file (4mb) containing all of the information, printable tabletop displays, and official SHOP LOCAL LIVE LOCAL ALL YEAR LONG logo files you can use to maximize your participation in SHOP LOCAL LIVE LOCAL ALL YEAR LONG this year.

Let us know if there are any other digital or printable assets you need to help your promotional efforts and tabletop displays.

How to Order

There are 3 ways to order from AdventureKEEN:

01 :: call 800-678-7006,
02 :: e-mail,
03 :: contact your sales representative

Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Independent Bookseller:

Dear Independent Bookseller:

Last spring, AdventureKEEN created the SHOP LOCAL LIVE LOCAL campaign for indie bookstores and donated 100% of its profits in June to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc). For 2019, we are announcing SHOP LOCAL­ LIVE LOCAL ALL YEAR LONG. Participating independent bookstores earn a 3% rebate and a matching 3% donation to Binc based on 2019 purchases of all AdventureKEEN titles. Our goal is to enlarge the scope of support to Binc and provide an equal-dollar benefit to all participating bookstores.

SHOP LOCAL LIVE LOCAL ALL YEAR LONG will be simple and effective for you. Just go to the Enrollment Form and sign up. Once a month, check your stock of AdventureKEEN titles, and reorder when necessary. We have created regional catalogs with titles listed by state, so you can quickly locate the appropriate local books. At the end of the year,

AdventureKEEN will donate 3% of your purchases
to Binc and return a 3% rebate to your store.

Our books and our business are centered on supporting local booksellers. Our titles empower readers with accessible hiking guides, birding guides, urban walking guides, tree and flower ID guides, and nature-inspired children’s books, plus guidebooks for camping and paddling adventures—and so much more.

By creating SHOP LOCAL LIVE LOCAL ALL YEAR LONG, we can help you to help readers find new outdoor activities and reinforce the importance of shopping at local bookstores.

We’d like to share a few more specifics that we find particularly compelling, but we’ll do so with follow-up materials for you and your staff. Right now, we simply want to get you started.

Very Sincerely,

Richard Hunt
President, AdventureKEEN