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Alex Troutman

Alex Troutman is a Fish and Wildlife Biologist and Environmental Educator with a passion for sharing and immersing the younger generation into nature. He has a Bachelor’s of Biology and a Master’s Degree with a focus in Conservation Biology from Georgia Southern University. Knowing how it feels to not see anybody who looks like you in your dream career, Alex makes it a point to be that representation for the younger generation. He is the co-organizer for several Black in X weeks, including Black Birders Week and Black Mammologists Week, and he takes part in wider movements encouraging diversity in nature, the celebration of Black individual scientists, increasing awareness of Black nature enthusiasts, and diversity in STEM fields.

With a passion for nature that started when he was young, Alex was always amazed by Red-tailed Hawks soaring over while fishing with his family. He looked up to conservationists like Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin. Now he has made a career out of that passion and curiosity. You can catch him outside camping, exploring nature with his dog, and birding in his spare time. When he is not spending time outside, he enjoys relaxing with family and trying out new foods, especially BBQ and pizza.

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Alex Troutman is the author behind the re-launched Critters series. These pocket-sized wildlife guides are informative, concise, and easy to use. 

Each species is showcased in a professional-quality photograph that’s paired with such neat-to-know details as habitat, range, and preferred food sources. Illustrations of the critter’s tracks complement the information, and a “Did You Know?” paragraph provides fascinating trivia worth sharing with family, friends, and teachers. 

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book benefits Wildlife Forever to support their conservation efforts.

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