100% of profits in June 2017 from sales of these titles go to the Binc Foundation.

Stock up on these great regional books from AdventureKEEN soon to help Binc and booksellers across the country.

Find all the books for your area, via these handy state-by-state catalogs.


STEP 01 – Booksellers feature regional AdventureKEEN titles during the month of June. No minimum order. No deadlines to order.

STEP 02 – Booksellers sell the books and earn their usual profits.

STEP 03 – Ingram tracks actual cash register sales of AdventureKEEN titles, in June, and AdventureKEEN hands all the profits from those book sales directly to Binc.


There are no deadlines for ordering or for starting your Shop Local Live Local campaign.

Click the button below to download a .zip file (8mb)  containing all of the information, printable table top displays, official Shop Local Live Local logo files you can use to maximize your participation in Shop Local Live Local this June.

Let us know if there is are any other digital or printable assets you need to help your promotional efforts and table top displays.