The Story of AdventureKEEN

We are an independent nature and outdoor activity publisher. Our founding dates back more than 40 years, guided then and now by our love of being in the woods and on the water, by our passion for reading and books, and by the sense of wonder and discovery made possible by spending time recreating outdoors in beautiful places. 

It is our mission to share that wonder and fun with our readers, and most especially with those who haven’t yet experienced all the physical and mental health benefits that nature and outdoor activity can bring.

In addition, we strive to teach about recreating responsibly, so that the natural resources and habitats we cherish and rely on will be available for future generations.

We are a small team deeply rooted in the places we live and work. We have been shaped by our communities of origin – primarily Birmingham, Alabama, northern suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. and Cincinnati, Ohio. Drawing on the decades of experience of our staff and our awareness of the industry, the marketplace, and the world at large, we have shaped a unique vision and mission for a company that serves our readers and authors.

We hope to meet you out on the trail some day.

Until then, if you’d like to contact us, please feel free to reach out.