Sebastian Alejandro Echeverri

Dr. Sebastian Alejandro Echeverri is your friendly neighborhood science communicator, wildlife photographer, and, of course, spider scientist. His mission is to make science and nature more accessible, inclusive, and joyful for everyone. Sebastian’s boundless excitement for spiders began when, in 2014, he saw a close-up video of a jumping spider’s courtship dance. He completed his PhD in 2020, studying why and how these spiders get their audience’s attention.

Sebastian spent most of his life unaware that he is autistic and has ADHD but now finally (kind of) understands how his brain works. When not talking about all sorts of wonderfully weird animals, he enjoys reading sci-fi stories, watching anime, and playing video and board games.

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Written by debut author Dr. Sebastian Alejandro Echeverri—co-host of the BBC Earth Podcast—the Spiders of the United States & Canada guide features the most common and important species to know.


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