Shop Local Live Local All Year Long

The idea is simple: Stock up on great regional books all year long, and AdventureKEEN will donate 3% of your purchases to Binc and return 3% back to your store.

STEP 1 – Booksellers enroll in Shop Local for 2021.

STEP 2 – Booksellers stock up on AdventureKEEN titles (via PGW/INGRAM).

STEP 3 – Booksellers endeavor to make monthly inventory checks with reorders when needed (via PGW/INGRAM) and earn the usual profits. Our handy state Edelweiss catalogs help you find the best local books.

STEP 4 – Set up in-store displays to boost sales and inventory turn. (optional)

STEP 5 – AdventureKEEN will make a donation to Binc and issue individual store rebate checks, based on the store’s 2021 enrollment date, no later than March 1, 2022, after all store purchase records at PGW/INGRAM are tallied.

Enroll Today

Signing up is required for SHOP LOCAL LIVE LOCAL, and it only takes a minute!

How to Order 

There are 5 ways to order:

01 :: Order from IPS or Ingram as you usually do,

02 :: email,

03 :: call 888-400-5351,

04 :: contact your sales representative,

05 :: or use the Edelweiss AdventureKEEN SHOP LOCAL LIVE LOCAL catalog for your state.


Click the button below to download a .zip file (4mb) containing all of the information, printable tabletop displays, and official Shop Local Live Local logo files you can use to maximize your participation in Shop Local Live Local this year.

Let us know if there are any other digital or printable assets you need to help your promotional efforts and tabletop displays.

Frequently Asked Questions

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