Independent Bookstore Day Moves to August

Today, the last Saturday in April, we were all supposed to be celebrating Independent Bookstore Day 2020. But due to all the stay-safe-at-home rules around the country (you are staying safe, right?), the official event has been moved to August 29, 2020. August feels a long way away, doesn’t it? We’re feeling like it is. So after you mark your calendar for August 29th, come back and read some of the tips below on how you can celebrate, shop, and love on your local indie bookstore.

Header image of a cartoon hand holding up a book.

Loving on Indie Bookstores

Things are going to have to go digital and online this month, as we wait for Independent Bookstore Day 2020. Here are three thoughts on how to celebrate the community cornerstone that is your indie bookstore.

Number 1. SHOP It’s that simple and it doesn’t have to be much. But you’re stuck at home and need something to read, right? Just search online for your local indie store and see how they’re doing things these days. Some have curbside pickup. Some have online ordering. Some are getting creative and even delivering by bike. And many are using to manage online orders. gives some of its profits back to the indie shops that use the service. And you don’t have to buy a book. Buy a pencil or a T-shirt to wear with your sweats while you’re self-quarantining. The goal is to help the shops stay open and take care of their staff. One day we’ll all be able to get back out and visit the indie shops in person and we’ll be glad they were able to stick around.

Number 2. IF AUDIOBOOKS ARE YOUR THING, sign up for You can grab a monthly membership or buy audiobooks one at a time. The cool thing about is that you get to select a local bookstore as “your bookstore” when you sign up. And whenever you buy an audiobook they split the profits of the sale with your bookstore. They have lots going on right now like Virtual Bookstore Party and Socks for Binc. You can check out all of their deals, discounts, and happenings on their site.

Number 3. KEEP UP WITH ALL THE HAPPENINGS on the official Independent Bookstore Day site. Sign up for the event newsletter and follow the organization on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They’re doing a great job keeping things moving. And be sure to interact with them. The folks behind Indie Bookstore Day are not only fun to follow, but they really want to hear from the book community.

We are passionate about indie bookstores here at AdventureKEEN. We love our indie bookstore partners and the communities they represent. We sincerely hope you make it to a local bookstore this August to show your support too.