Tiny and Small Homes Achieve More than a Simple Lifestyle

As crazy busy as life is with work, family responsibilities, traffic, daily news, and social media, designing a simple way of life isn’t just a lifestyle; it can be a lifeline.

Embracing a simple lifestyle involves more than changing priorities from possessions to experiences. It is a choice to be more present, fostering relationships with yourself, others, and the natural environment. People make this change to create more joy and fulfillment in their daily life, leading to more gratitude for what they already have. In the world of sustainable living, Lloyd Kahn is an expert with more than 50 years of experience promoting alternative housing, especially in tiny and small homes.  

Loving the Simple Life

Interior of one of the many Small Homes featured in the book
Jonathan Avery’s Nesthouse on page 220 of Small Homes.

Khan wrote Small Homes when the average family home size (and home price) was on the rise. Today, the number of people looking for those larger homes (and those larger mortgages) is decreasing, as the appeal for smaller homes is partly driven by challenges with expensive housing, maintenance, and interest rates. The move to a small home allows people more freedom from cost and upkeep and results in more time for enjoyable activities, creating a more sustainable life.

These facts may seem almost common sense now, but they are community trends that Lloyd Kahn picked up on decades ago.

Lloyd’s insights and advocacy emphasize the benefits of a mindful, sustainable lifestyle.

Flipping through the pages of Small Homes is inspiring, informative, and affirmative. The book features many pictures and stories to keep you engaged, as well as instructions that show you how “you can do it!” The book features different types of structures, such as cabins, treehouses, and yurts, and many materials, such as stone, timbers, tin, and much more. The variety appeals to a wide range of people; you will find something that works for you.  

At the beginning of his book, Lloyd advocates for small homes, saying, “Compared to the average American home, small homes are less expensive, use less resources, are more efficient to heat and cool, and [are] cheaper to maintain and repair.”  

Small Homes book cover

Getting Real about Home Ownership

Many buyers cannot afford bigger homes. If they are building, the cost of materials and labor are also high, causing them to reduce the size of their floor plan—some eliminating bathtubs and living rooms, according to a Wall Street Journal post.

People are becoming creative when it comes to finding homes. They are looking for alternatives to what was once considered a starter home. Builders are pivoting their business to building smaller, more affordable homes or creating alternative options. Even Costco has started selling small structures!

The beauty of Small Homes is that it tells the stories of how individuals have been able to craft structures and find joy in building something of their own. The pride on every page is worth looking into if the current market conditions are unfavorable to you. Let it (and Lloyd) inspire you to live a simple, sustainable lifestyle.

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