Regional Guidebooks Are Perfect College Gift Ideas

It’s always a good time for college gift ideas, right? Chances are pretty good that you know someone who’s heading off to further their education—perhaps even your own child. Whether they are staying close to home or have chosen far-off places to travel, two things are certain: They love to know that you’re thinking of them, and they love to get mail. Give them a little first-semester boost; send them a gift. You don’t have to spend a fortune to impress them, either. A guidebook to their area is both thoughtful and functional, and it’s something they’re sure to appreciate.

Especially for students who are new to a given location, a guidebook ranks among the best college gift ideas. It introduces them to their surroundings and gives them some ideas for things to do that are fun and inexpensive. For example, a student who chose places to travel and/or attend like the University of Minnesota might appreciate getting a copy of Walking Twin Cities by Holly Day and Sherman Wick.

Walking the Twin Cities book cover

The handy book introduces 35 self-guided tours through parks, historic neighborhoods, and other popular locales in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Each selected tour includes a detailed walk description, full-color photographs, a map, and tips on popular cafes, restaurants, and hot spots. With literally hundreds of points of interest to be seen in the Twin Cities, students will quickly become acquainted with what the area has to offer.

Along with the Walking series, other great college gift ideas include 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles and Five-Star Trails. For students with more specialized interests, you might try something like Best Tent Camping or even the Ghosthunting series of books.

College students who have lived in their area for more than a couple of years might be looking to expand their explorations. In that case, a book from the Day Trips series might be a perfect choice. A student at the University of North Carolina might find North Carolina Day Trips by Theme by Marla Hardee Milling to be extremely useful.

North Carolina Day Trips by Theme front cover

The guidebook presents hundreds of the state’s most entertaining places to travel—not a bad feature in this best of college gift ideas. Destinations in the book are organized by themes, such as Lighthouses, Festivals, Outdoor Adventures, and Natural Wonders, so readers can decide what to do and then figure out where to do it. It’s a great way to uncover the many state parks, museums, beaches, foodie delights, and more that can be found throughout the Tar Heel State.

Other regional series that veteran college students might enjoy are the Adventure Journey Guides, Adventure Weekends, Backpacking by State, and Rail-Trails.

Whether your college kid is an avid camper, cyclist, or kayaker, whether they love ghosthunting or hunting for new places to travel, AdventureKEEN has college gift ideas for them. Send a guidebook today, and let them know that out of sight is definitely not out of mind.