Here’s Hoping You Will Be Well and Be Outdoors

While our neighborhoods and the outdoors are strong, no one is immune to what’s currently going on around us. Things can be very tough, and there’s plenty to worry about—beyond the chance of getting sick: work, paying bills, and buying groceries. We hope you’re able to stay safe as you navigate your corner of the world today, and we here at AdventureKEEN would like to help as best we can. That is why we have been working with our authors and editors to provide some of our book content for free.

We invite you to check out (#bewellbeoutdoors) for free resources focused on pre-K–12 education and activities. We’re even offering up an inspirational or thought-provoking quote hoping that it will bring a little spark of calm to your day.

For Families

An example of a lion activity sheet for kids to complete and color.

Every Tuesday and Thursday we are making free pages from our stellar line of activity books. Here you will find lots of coloring pages, crossword puzzles, word finds, mazes, and much more. Each page has been designed to be printed out at home or used on a tablet device. So grab a device or the crayons and find a place for the kids to sit down and work away. Hopefully it will occupy any kids you are looking after while keeping them thinking about the outdoors.

Home Lessons

These once-a-week activities are built with learning and education in mind. Our Home Lesson pages are all about getting the kids outdoors to explore whatever patch of grass, backyard, bug, or tree they can find. With these print-outs, you’ll be able to join the kids as they do things like make their own fossil imprints and go on animal track hunts. Just click to download the worksheets, print them out, and get outdoors!

Daily Calm

A John Muir quote card from the Daily Calm series of #bewellbeoutdoors.

These daily images are simple and to the point. All the images have been taken from the vast image library here at AdventureKEEN (having been in outdoor travel publishing as long as we have, we have a LOT of great images to choose from). We’re hoping the quips, sayings and insights shared will offer just a second or two of thoughtful calm during a stressful day.

You can find all of that info and more across all of our social channels using the hashtag #bewellbeoutdoors. We know the impact that being in nature can have on our spirits, emotions, and energy. We encourage you to #bewellbeoutdoors as much as you can. Steal 5 minutes on a balcony. Find a sunny seat in a lobby. Just enjoy what nature has to offer. It’s good for you.

We don’t know what lies ahead and none of the solutions seem perfect, but we hope the resources we are posting throughout each week at will be helpful as we navigate the days ahead together.

Take care and stay safe. #bewellbeoutdoors