1. Annie Long
    February 14, 2023 @ 4:50 pm

    I just love this woman! She is who I wanna be when I grow up. Is it not a great and wonderful thing to be able to look back and see the results of what you have done with your life? This is a valuable and remarkable life–Molly is a formidable woman. I, for one, am utterly blessed that she chose me 24 years ago to be a part of the team on this brilliant and exciting Adventure. [See what I did there?!?!] This story truly made my day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Annie Long


  2. wendel withrow
    February 14, 2023 @ 6:21 pm

    Congrats to Molly. I will be reaching out to Trenton to get his thoughts on creating pod casts for some of the outdoor books. I think these audio products would be great companions to guide books. . wendel withrow.


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